Fukubukuro 2019

November 18, 2018

Hello lovelies,

it is almost December and Japanese shops have already started showing off their fukubukuro. Fukubukuro or Lucky packs or lucky bags is the term for a fixed prized bag containing items which are much more worth tha the price. Some shops offer these bags to get rid of their old stock, others already offer clothes made specifically for that occasion.
The bags go on pre-sale and are then shipped out after New year.
Most shops reveal what is inside (if it is specifically made) beforehand and thus one can decide if they are willing to buy the bag or not.
This list will be upated regularly!

Ank Rouge

Price: 15.000€ plus tax
Versions: It comes in 2 different versions - pink and black
Start of sale: ?
Items in the bag: 6 items plus bag, one coat, two dresses, one pullover and two random accessoires.
The picture underneath is a bit too small but I can't get it bigger.

Price: 10.800yen
Version: Two different Versions, one is the fint bag with their items and one is from an another angelus.
Start of sale: alread on sale
Items in the bag: each bag has a dress, a pullover, either a skirt or trousers, and 2-3 accessoires.

Nice Claup
Price: 5.000 plus taxes
Version: 2 different Versions: Casual & sweet. 
Start of sale: 26th of November
Items in the bag: Both have 4-5 items.

Price: 10.800Yen
Version: There are 2 versions - caramel latte (more black and brownish) and white mocha (red and white)
Start of sale: already on sale!
Items in the bag: 7 items plus bag: neck warmer, jacket, beret, knit dress, hoodie, mini bag belt, skirt

Last updated 25th of November

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