Lolita Teekränzchen March 2019

March 24, 2019

Hello lovelies,

time flies by so fast and we are already at the end of the March. Didn't I just celebrate new years? I really miss my students day were the days passed by so slow and I had so much time for all of my hobbies or just watching series or read a book.

This month we visited our most favourite Cafe again; Little Britain. The owner and waitresses are always so kind to us and the food is really good.
This time I ate a blueberry crumble, scones and drank raspberry lemonade.

I wore my quaint lass dress again, a few hours before the meet-up I removed the weird lace that was at the collar. It had bothered me for so long and it was the reason why I didn't wear the dress in a long time. The white lace which can now be seen at the colour is from the white chiffon blouse I wear underneath.
The hat is from L'armoire de versailles, a chinese lolita taobao brand. The shoes are from rosemarie seoir. It has a little bow in the back.

Have a great week,

Auris Lothol

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