January 2019 OOTD

May 29, 2019

Hello lovelies,

this year I wanted to do a monthly OOTD but it is almost June and I haven't done a single one.
The concept of this post is that instead of doing separate blog posts for each outfit, I will just do one per month.
I will start in January and will do to per month until I am even, at least that is the plan.

In the first month of the year I had two lolita outfits and only some random shots from our trip to the Philippines. Manila was so hot in January and the humidity was so high that I almost never had the chance to take nice pictures because I always looked like a mess.

 The first picture is an outfit from our Teekränzchen, see my separate post about it here.

 I wore the tartan check frederick trump jsk from Innocent World and a moi meme moitie blouse. The rest was offbrand.

The next picture is from the same weekend. I wore a dress that a friend of mine made. The shoes were from DreamV and the rest was offbrand again. 

This picture is actually from the Philippines. My cousin made it when we were at the Magic kingdom, an amusement park. The dress is from sky rose, a brand that shut down last year.

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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