Teekränzchen July 2019

September 08, 2019

Hello lovelies,

our July Teekränzchen collided with the Japanese anime and manga convention Nippon Nation again and we decided to go to Cafe Halle again, which is directly next to the convention.
This year I did not attend the convention because I have been going to conventions for over 15 years and nothing changed in these years. To be honest, it is always the same and thus I decided to not spend 20€ for a day pass.
The waitress at the cafe couldn't find our reservation but she found us a table nevertheless and was super friendly during the stay.

The food was very good and I had vegan bulgur bowl with humus, eggplant, tomatoes, almonds and peach. Usually I do not eat the vegan option but this bowl was amazing.
For dessert I had a marillenknödel, dumpling filled with sweet peach and usually the dumplings are small and fluffy but I got a huge dumpling and I couldn't even eat half of it.

I wore my Cherise Cherry dress combined with an Infanta blouse. I didn't wear the headdress in ages, therefore I was very happy to finally coordinate it again.

Have a good week,

Auris Lothol

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