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March 21, 2021


Hello lovelies,

how have you all been? I am so sorry for the semi-hiatus, I am just so busy. In November 2020 I suddenly got more work and I was working 40-60h a week. Plus in January I was studying for my university exams which I took in the last week of the month (and passed each and every one of them, hooooray) and then in February I wrote my first, of four, bachelor paper on film noir. It was so exhausting and I am so happy when I handed in my paper. From March on I only had my usual classes so it is much better again. Work is still exhausting but I hope it will get better soon. I almost quit, to be honest. It was just too much. 

So, about today's topic.

In 2019 my friend Souly (Il_carnefice on instagram) came over from Germany for the weekend and we had a spontaneous witchy photo shooting because we felt like it. The weekend was so much fun, I hope this pandemic is over soon.

So, for the character, we thought of a little witch trying to study and do some herbology or potions. I already wore this dress but with a black overskirt for the Harry potter event at Rosenburg, but this time, I wore the dress with a white frilly apron. The hat is the same, the tutorial for it can be found here, but I beat it up a bit. The witch is studious and loves her magic, she is kind and loves cats. She has cute freckles underneath the big round glasses and wears braids most of the time. 

It was so good, that I like small glasses and got quite a few of them because they were perfect as props. The book is also from the 19th century so the tattered look is genuine.

The dried petals are actually tea.

The funniest thing about this, is that I couldn't find my wand. So I remembered that my sister once gave me a chocolate wand for christmas or my birthday so I just used that. I had to put down the wand in between because the chocolate melted so fast. 

I hope you like the pictures,

go and visit my friend Souly's page and my patreon!

Have a great week,

Auris Lothol

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