Brooch making

August 20, 2021


Hello lovelies, 

I fell into the tambour embroidery rabbit hole again after handing in my final paper for university at the end of July. Two months of free time after work await me until October and I already did more creative work in these ten days than in the last eight months combined.

My first embroidery work was a fleur de lis. 

I even made a video which you can also find on youtube and Instagram. 

 I started out with the outline it gold rocailles and filled it with three different sized-pearls. It was a project where I just went along with the outline and didn't really have a plan. But it turned out so nice, I was really happy and motivated with it.

A very crooked moon was the next project. I was cussing at it so much because it just didn't look good and I felt a bit betrayed by it. 

I realize that not everything always comes out a 100% the way I wanted and perfect. For the next moon I just need to use smaller pearls and try to stay exactly on the outlines.

After this I made Sailor Moon wands, a stroke of genius because I just loved what I did. I didn't want to settle on the colour and size of the pearls and therefore made two versions. I would have thought that the pinker version with the smaller pearls was more popular, but an Instagram poll revealed that the pastel pink version was more popular. Well, that was unexpected.

But I plan on doing more and maybe selling them next year when I am finally better at everything. The hardest part for me is not the tambour work but making a brooch out of it.  

After the wands came a cross, which did not turn out that well and is still unfinished. 

I also did a heart and embroidered the trans-flag colours. It turned out so cute. I even managed to sew the brooch pin and the edges and not use spray-glue, unlike the wands. 

I am thinking about doing a candy next or a cat, but I also want to continue my next project so maybe I'll do a mix of both. 

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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