fukubukuro 2022

November 30, 2021

Hello lovelies,

I know I have not been the most active blogger in the past few months, but studying, working 40h and learning latin eats so much time. 

But it's this time of the year again, the fukubukuro time!

Last updated: 7th of December

Brand: Ank rouge

Price:16500Yen (not sure if Tax is included)

The bag includes 6 items: a Jacket, a pullover, a blouse, a skirt and 2 random items.

Order here

Brand: Axes femme

Price: 11.000 Yen

Axes femme has two different Lucky bags this year. The green version is already sold out and the red version can still be reserved until

There are six items in the bag: a dress, tunic, skirt, cardigan, pullover

Order here (red bag only)

Brand: Baby the stars shine bright

Price: 30.800yen incl. taxes

Their special happy pack includes:

-Karami 3-tier jsk set in one of the three colours: sax, black x white, or black x black (random) 
-a random original print op, jsk, or skirt from Btssb or AATP
-1 or 2 other items (can include: blouse, knit, vest, jacket, pants, socks, hair accessories, other accessories)
Order due: 12th of December
You can order this via shipping service eg. mint kismet 

Brand: Eatme

Price: 16.500 yen incl. Tax
The bag includes: a coat (black or checkered), one-piece (dress), three random items. 
Reserveration already started. 
You can order this via shipping service eg. mint kismet 

They have two different bags this year, a girly bag and a unisex bag:

Price for the girly bag: 12,650yen incl. taxes
Price of the unisex bag: 11,990yen incl. taxes
The girly bag includes the items shown in the first picture: a jacket, a cardigan, skirt, one-piece (dress), and bag. And the unisex bag had the following items: jacket, t-shirt, pullover, hoodie, bag
Reservation starts on the 1st of December.

Brand: Swankiss

Price: 22.000yen incl. taxes

Swankiss bag is called romantic bag this year (it was called angelic bag the past couple of years) and includes following items: a coat, one-piece (dress), mini bag, bracelet, leatherbag

The pre-sale is over but maybe it will be on sale next year

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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