I officially quit!

February 19, 2022



Hello lovelies,

I have big news for you all. 

I did it. I quit my job. And I couldn't be happier about it. It feels like I have just come out of a toxic and abusive relationship. I am so relieved I finally managed to do this even though I feel so bad for the colleagues who will be left behind. 

But what does it mean for this blog and my social media in general? My plan is to expand this blog, Patreon, Instagram (unless Zuckerberg decides to shut off Instagram and meta for all European users) and more importantly, finally start streaming on Twitch. I will probably start to stream in March after I, hopefully, passed my Latin exam and my plan is to stream some crafting and gaming, depending on the mood. Please go over there and follow me, my username is: Streamingwithcats 
I realized my cats would be in every shot as they are always visible in the background, so why not incorporate them into the stream. 

My twitch site still needs a nice picture and pop-up signs and I am thinking of hiring someone for it because my designs are always crappy. haha. 

The cats that are currently living with me are:


Maja is probably a Norwegian forest cat mix and she came to us at a very young age in October 2015 because her owner grew allergic to her. She was so tiny when she moved in but grew into this big and beautiful cat. A lot of my friends adore her. Maja is shy but also super curious. She might hide at first but would always come out to investigate. Maja is a daddy's girl and prefers the cuddles of my SO.


We got this loveable Maine coon from the shelter in August of 2020 together with Devil. She is a mummy's girl and always seeks my side to get some cuddles or falls asleep next to me when I nap on the sofa. She is super shy and won't be visible at all when friends are over. Her favourite hiding place is between the sofa and the wall and she can stay there for hours. Her fur is white at the roots and black at the ends (she and devil are over 10 years old and a grandma in cat years), so I always joked about getting her roots retouched.



It took about a year before Maja and Devil could tolerate each other but I am glad that they seem to be in agreement to just ignore each other most of the time. Maja and Sheila did not have the same problem but both Maja and Devil are a bit more dominant than Sheila. Devil had to have most of her teeth removed as they were broken or rotting. Her fur is the shortest but it seems to tangle the most, plus she also hates brushing so we had to resolve to just cut out those furballs. Devil has no preferred human, she comes and goes as she pleases. 


Maja is the only one who can be carried for a longer period of time. She is not squirmish or cries while being carried which makes her the ideal picture partner. Devil can be picked up but she will try to escape after a few minutes. And Sheila will not be picked up for nothing. She panics and will try to get away and even scratch the person, no matter who tries to pick her up.

I hope to see you all on Twitch soon! Or support me on Patreon starting from only 1€ a month!
All the best,

Auris Lothol

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