Spring is not April

April 03, 2022


Hello lovelies,

two weeks ago I had a wonderful and sunny spring day in Vienna. And yesterday I had to fight against wind and snow to go to my sister's birthday dinner. I hate snow and the cold so much. 

But back to two weeks ago; while it was chilly and very windy, at least the sun was out and the sky was partially blue. 

I met my sister with my SO and both of them took pictures of me. We also made a short video and a small reel because spring must be cherished. Especially when two weeks later the city is covered in a white blanket again. 

Of course most of the time when I did my pictures the sky was just white. That's just my luck.

I decided to wear my L'esprit de la noblesse dress which I got a few weeks ago (video and review is coming up soon) and a large hat with flowers. It's actually a flower crown I just re-used. With the coat my coord looks like that of a sassy grandma.

 I would love to tell you that I played with photoshop and the pictures are like this because I wanted them, but honestly, I still have no idea how to edit pictures. So this is more pink than the others but I love the pinkish and warm hue the cherry blossoms have.

Even though my bangs are everywhere, I really like this picture. It's not that pink and only has a pastel pink tint

 Real laugh pictures are rare because I don't like my teeth showing. But I kind of like it! Plus the sleeves just look like a big ball of fluff.

 No photo shooting without a picture from the back! At least not in this household.

 The following is the another of my favourite. It's so soft and ink with all the pretty flowers around me.

Another one just in a different angle. All in all, I have three full body shots and 27 shots of exactly these details with the flowers around it. I was so mad when I saw the pictures at home because they were not usable for instagram. At least they look nice, but still :(. 

And lastly the video we made on youtube

I hope you have a nice day and a wonderful spring day without snow,

Auris Lothol

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