Crafting a sailor moon brooch

April 08, 2022


Hello lovelies, 

I recently spent my time making brooches from small rocailles and miyuki pearls. I love how delicate they look and while I am not very good  and still learning so much while going along, I really enjoy doing them. 

Last week I finished a sailor moon brooch, a teacup (no pictures will be shown because it turned out really ugly) and a shell, although it looks more like a fan than a shell. Another post on this will follow. Or not, I haven't decided yet.

I am so happy that the sailor moon brooches turned out so nice, it is way from perfect but looks great with my minimum experience in beading. 

This is the brooch I am talking about, it looks magical with it's wings and the cute heart and moon. 


The first thing I did was doing the outline with bouillon wire. I traced the outlines with a gold gel pen and it did not work out at all, it was all wobbly and not visible at all. But I kind of managed to stitch the heart symmetrical, but not the wings; left is higher up than left. The outlines of the heart was then again traced with a rhinestone chain. The moon was created with bouillon wire too and then filled with gold rhinestones. I was thinking about using a rhinestone in the middle but I did not have one this size, I then resorted to make sew the rhinestones over a small round pad.

Then filled in the heart with pink silver lined rocailles. 

The wings was filled in too with gold rocailles and I made a padding again for the top and bottom. Seeing it now, I should have used pearls instead of the pad because I feel it made it a bit clumsy and rough. But I want to do a new and better version with all the things I learned..

After I finished the embroidery, I cut it and then burned the edges off with a candle. It always reminds me of a small ritual were I offer the brooches to the gods and hope they approve. 

The last thing I did was mount the brooch onto a gold leather and sew it on with these gold rocailles pearls all along the sides. And the brooch was done.

So, is it perfect? No. 

Can I do better? Yes.

Will I do better? Hell yes!

But first I want to do another wand and then maybe I'll come back to this, when I have the materials I want to use for it!

Stay safe and healthy, 

Auris Lothol

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