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May 13, 2022


Hello lovelies,

it's been a while since I posted my brooch creations and it is definitely time for an update. 

In just one month I created so many brooches that I could also start with version two of some of them. Version two is the same design but with a better, at least that's what I hope, bead design and usage of rhinestones and pearls. 

Sailor Moon Brooches

This is version two of the sailor moon brooch and it is so much better than my first try. (see my blog post about it here).
For this brooch I used small sequins for the wings and a swarovski stone as the heart of the moon. Top and bottom part are smaller and less clunky. It is still not the version I want to go with and I need to make a version three but all in time. It takes me ages to do this brooch and I really want to do other ones too.

Another brooch and another version two. This one already looks so much better than version one.

Version one and two (left and right). Left still looks clunky. Instead of pearls I used rhinestones and the rhinestone chain was cut to build crisp edges on the star. I don't like how it blends into the pink and I want a bigger gold chain so the star is more visible. Version three will come soon.

And this is already version three! It's much better than the other versions, again see below.

Left is the first version and right is the new version. The newer version only looks a bit wobbly because it has a pink on the back and the others don't. It's also fatter but smaller, I need to change that and I guess there will be a version four...
Sailor Moon would be nothing without Luna and this is her own brooch. It took me ages to find a bead that is moon shaped and when it arrived I realized that it just has one hole and is very unstable. I glued and sewed it onto the pearls beneath but I hate using glue for projects like this. And now I have to order new moon beads again from aliexpress. That is annoying.

Pokemon brooches

Yes, you read correctly! I also made Pokemon brooches, or at least pokeball brooches. I also have pikachu on my list but did not yet have the time to figure him out. 
Thhe first pokeball is more 3D, it looks really amazing far away but a bit wobbly up front. I need to change the gray area, it's too dark but the rest is fine.

This Pokeball is made with big pearls and just looks like an old 2D picture of a pokeball. But I like dthe project because it didn't take ages, compared to the other one.

Happy Pride

This special collection is my tribute to pride. The first brooch is a rainbow with silver lining in white clouds. It's my SO's favourite and he likes to borrow it when we go to events.

The next one is my favourite as it has the pride colours and is heart shaped. I also made a trans-pride heart a few months ago, see here.

The rest

Not to be mean to my other brooches but they don't really fall in a special category. They are forms which I thought were cute or would work with that style of bead and pearl embroidery. 

This is the only brooch I do not have anymore because I gave it to a friend. It's a sakura blossom and I tried to blend the colours into each other.

These are the sweet as candy collection. I absolutely love this technique of not being in a straight line and just sew anything I want onto the brooches. It's a bit chaotic but very fun. Usually I start with going from the largest beads to the smallest and fill in the gaps left with tiny beads.

No collection of mine would be done without a fleur de lis. I challenged myself to a colourway which was not previously done and that was the wonderful result.

This is is actually a shell but looks more like a fan. I did not blend in the pearls and it looks very weird. Not my best work but that is how I realized that I can also blend them and I guess it helped me with the sakura blossom which came afterwards.

And that is what I did the last month or couple of months. 
I hope you enjoyed my small tour of the brooches I made and let me tell you, I am not done and still have so many ideas. 
I am planning on selling the brooches and other things I made on the next animarket on the 26th of October. So if you are in Vienna and want one, be sure to check out my booth at the market. 

If you like what you saw and want to tip me, go over to my ko-fi or support me on patreon from just one euro a month. 

All the best,


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