January - February OOTD 2022

June 28, 2022


Hello lovelies!

Once again I am super late with my OOTD posts as we have June already. I can't believe half the year is over already? ? ? It is always blowing my mind, how fast time flies!


My first picture is just a casual look as we went for some bubble tea on the 2nd of January. 
The dress is from Honey cinnamon and depicts Marie from Aristocats. Over that, I wore a Liz Lisa cardigan. The shoes look really dirty and used, but I managed to dirty them up the first time I wore them. And they are actually pretty new. Meh. 

The second look is my handmade lolita dress with a Swankiss peignoir over it. The hat is from hattitude Vienna and I bought it at Magic Oyster. It's heart-shaped even though it sometimes looks like a butt.

The third and last look, once again I was super lazy and getting even lazier, was my knightcore look. I had this chainmail headpiece for ages and I thought it fit the overall look of this knight dress very well. M. gave me his cross which also suited the look. The whole coordinate reminded me of a warrior nun instead of a knight though.


I was out more in February and also had more events. It was also the month where I finally quit my job and got out of the toxic environment. I was so happy on my last day even though I really miss my ex-colleagues. 
This dress is actually one of M's favourites. Not mine though, but I like to wear it from time to time because it is really comfortable with a shirring at the back. I'm not sure but I think the shoes are from Liz Lisa? Either that or Axes femme.
This time I am wearing this Souffle song dress in combination with a big bonnet I actually made for my 1830s dress. It's really huge but I like it in combination with this blond wig. Plus, do you see which handmade items I am wearing?
Yes! It's the ring and necklace from Angelic Pretty. The red was the exact same colour as the dress and just was perfect.
It's not really a great look but I wore a new raspberry sweater with my strawberry lolita dress for some bubble tea with my sister. It has those huge 1890s sleeves and I just love it. It's so warm too.
The last lolita outfit is this from Glitzywonderland. I made a whole video on the unboxing and the prints but I forgot to blog about it. But it's coming! I hope. The floral headdress was never worn before and I bought it in the Philippines 2018/9. The shoes are from DreamV/Yumetenbo.
In February I started to sell a few items to get some money and finally clear my wardrobe. It was a great event but I forgot to take pictures of my outfit. At least I still got a selfie from it. It's the purple rabbit teeth dress with a huge shell necklace.

Which outfits did you like and enjoy?
Tell me in the comments!
And have a nice day!

Auris Lothol

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