Lolita Teaparty at Café Landtmann

June 03, 2022


Hello lovelies,
can you imagine that the last mini tea party the Austrian lolita community held was on the first of September 2019 and the last one I attended internationally was in February 2020?
And with that, the bad corona streak is hopefully over because last Sunday, on the 19th of May, I finally attended a tea party again. Even though it was small in size with about 25 attendees it satisfied my tea party cravings a bit.
Café Landtmann as a choice of venue was also great. We had minimal disturbances from people trying to take pictures or videos of us because we had a room at the back for ourselves, plus the service was immaculate. The food was tasty with a good mix of meat and vegetarian options. For dessert, all vegans got a large piece of vegan cake and the rest had a plate with small bites of different assorted sweets. I ate the strawberry piece and it was so good.

The waiter was even so nice and waited while we were doing pictures. 

 I was really looking forward to writing valentines cards but the organizer forgot the paper at home. Awww. 

But I won second place with Ivy in the best-dressed contest and M. and Bibi von first place. I was so happy for him! 


He got a Violet fane goodie bag with these little planners and the bag. 

I got a purse from Mystic Alice as my prize. This was a perfect price because I had already bought a bag from her and couldn't decide if I wanted a purse with it or not. I did not buy one and I am pretty happy about that, as I got one for free. 

I can't seem to recall the name of one vendor, but the others were Violet Fane, Mystic Alice, and le petit four. 

Left is the le petit four vendor and on the right is the one I can't recall. 

This was the Mystic Alice table. I remember getting the purple bat socks in my goodie bag at the last tea party.

Now, enjoy some of the selfies, the group picture and pictures with my lolita friends!


Matthias and I are both wearing our L'esprit de la noblesse clothes. 

I bought such a cute bag at Mystic Alice's store, it's made out of real leather and I want to use it as my new daily bag because my old cat bag is already falling apart. 

The bag also has a separate shoulder strap which I already exchanged. I just hope that, because the bag is made out of leather, it will really hold for a long time. Plus it was 125€.

Matthias bought the two brooches on the left and the necklace on the top. He got the brooch as a prize for getting in first place.


And this is the rest of the prize, I got the pink purse and he got the bag and the planners. It was funny, he bought the same bag from violet fane just an hour prior winning best dressed and was now in possession of two bags. But he decided to keep both of them. He just loves the designs from Violet Fane.

Have a great weekend, 


Auris Lothol

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