J-fashion Bring and Buy May 2022

July 15, 2022


Hello lovelies, 

in the last couple of months Austria slowly opened again and most of the covid restrictions were dropped. Most of the markets, festivals, conventions and exhibitions re-opened or were held again and luckily the same thing also happened for the j-fashion bring and buy at Animarket. 

The last Animarket was held in October 2019 and then nothing. For almost three years until this May. When it was announced I almost danced with joy, I could finally sell some items again and also browse and shop myself. That was amazing!

A short peak from the stage into the room. 

We got the stage again and it slowly filled with items. This time something got stolen, that was very unfortunate as it never happened before. We always try to look out for the things but can't be everywhere. :(

This time I wore the Leur getter dress with cats plus my handmade sailor moon brooch.

I didn't get as many items as I did the last times, it was just a JSK from Metamorphose temps de fille and two casual pink pullovers.

The dress is super light weight and has small dark brown and silver glittery dots. I took it with me to Rome and it was so comfy. The bow at the front is detachable and I used it as a big hair bow. 


The colour is a bit off in this picture, it is really more pink like in the last pictures.

Both of the pullovers are from Axes Femme and I can't wait to wear them in winter. 

On the plus side, I really did well in my sales this time. I even sold a dress I got in Japan 2014 and never wore and always brought with me. 

Have a great day, 

Auris Lothol

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