Interrail London day 13-14

September 26, 2022


Hello lovelies, 

my Interrail ended on September 18th but I don't feel like I completely settled into my old life yet. I keep yearning to see the ocean or spend a day at an art gallery. Getting into a daily routine seems hard too but at least all the cats seem to remember me this time and Sheila is back to demanding her daily cuddle sessions.

I hadn't finished my stories of London, there was so much to tell that I spit it up into two parts. The next two days are a bit slower but I am getting ahead of myself.

Day 13

At noon I went to Camden market in my new and flashy Angelic pretty dress. The last time I was in Camden, we spent the whole day there and enjoyed ourselves immensly. This time I was alone and just mechanically walked through the stalls, not really interested in anything, or when I was interested, it was just too expensive.

But at the first vintage shop I found a super cute white dress. I didn't try it on and just hoped it fit. It was only 10 pounds as it was on sale and went for it. I remember the cashier telling me, that the dress would fit me perfectly. Yes, I thought so too! I tried it on a few days later and it fit perfectly. Hooray!

I strolled around but the weather was weird and I guess unusual for Britain (?); very humid and warm during the afternoon and cool in the morning. I was also the only person wearing a mask, as always.

At St. Cyr vintage I also got two new books but what I found weird was that most vintage shops had more mens' clothes than women's. Usually it is the other way round. The books I bought were about taking care of vintage clothing and bobbin lace. 

For lunch I had fish and chips but it was not that good. It was very oily and bland. 

With just a small haul, I went back to the hotel to rest a bit. I was feeling unwell but still wanted to meet my friend in the evening, whom I haven't seen in probably 10 years. My bed was so comfy and I fell asleep for a little while, then got ready again to meet my friend. When I came to our meeting point, Liverpool station, I checked my phone and found out that I was an hour early. My laptop clock did not change to the British time and it was the clock I had checked. Damn. I waited and waited and suddenly the weather changed and it got really cold. And I didn't bring a jacket with me, only a thin cardigan. Great. I walked a bit around and then my friend appeared and we went to grab some smoked BBQ meat. I got the blackened ribs and french fries but couldn't finish it even though it was really delicious. For dessert I got the toffee pudding and it was so good but I couldn't finish it once again.  

Afterwards we headed off to a bar. At first I was confused because it empty but my friend said a password and suddenly we were lead to an underground bar through a fridge called scaredy cat town. 


It was cat themed and the cocktails looked so good but, because I didn't feel my best, I just had a small cider. After I made my first sip I realized something a British friend of mine told me once, that cider was sweet in Austria but bitter in Britain. But of course I haden't remembered it beforehand. Damn, now I was stuck with a bitter cider. We chatted for ages at it was almost 11pm when we decided to head back.

I caught the train to the hotel and decided to rest and not go to Bath the next day. That was something I really wanted to do but I didn't feel well enough. No sleep came to me until the early morning and I was cold and hot at the same time, sneezing but not coughing, feeling very miserable and but I didn't have a fever. It was probably a cold because of the cold aircon in the trains.

Day 14

Being sick is bad. Being sick alone is the worst. Most of the day I slept, woke up, drank some water, then slept some more. The worst part about that was not being able to go to the Fashion- and Jane Austen museums in Bath but my health was more important. I had to beat this sickness before it ruined my whole trip. 

I had a small bag with medication with me for almost all ailment. But I had drank the last of the cold medicine and by noon, there was none left. I just had a few Neo angin left, but I tend to eat them like candy when I have a sore throat. And I get these a lot; at work because the aircon was too cold or it was too drafty, same with train rides or anything were I am colder for a long time. 

When I woke up again in the evening, I still had a very runny nose but apart from that, I felt fine again. Having consumed almost no food all day, I decided to go out and look for food, water, and a pharmacy. The room felt like it was filled with germs and it was probably for the best to go out and have some fresh air. 

Near the hotel was a tesco and I bought biscuits, a 2 liter bottle of water and some cold medicine. I didn't know they sold these at a regular tesco but that was a life saver, as I didn't have the energy to find a pharmacy anyway. Too bad I didn't find any lemsip, they usually get rid of any cold in hours. 

I decided to grab some Thai food and got some really delicious Tofu curry with sticky rice. 


Then it was off to the hotel and bed  again because I was supposed to leave with a super early eurostar the next day. 

Have a great week,

Auris Lothol

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