Fukubukuro 2023

November 11, 2022

Hello lovelies,

it's that time of the year again. Fukubukuro time! 

I am so excited for this year's goodie bags as the yen is pretty low, which makes ordering from Japan cheaper than ever before. 

But without further ado, here are the fukubukuro that have been announced.

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Last update: 11th of December

Angelic Pretty


Price: 390€
Versions: random
Content: 4 items -1 original printed Dress or Jumperskirt ou Salopette, 1  Dress or Jumperskirt or Skirt, 1 hair accessory, 1 pair of overknees


Price:15.400 Yen
Versions: ??
Start of sale: 15th of December
Content: 6 items

Ank Rouge

Price: 17.500 Yen
Versions: Pink bag and black bag
Start of sale: Already on Sale on their onlineshop
Content: 5 items: the bag in either pink or black, a white and black dress, an outer (a jacket with bunny ears), a pullover dress and two random items.

Eat Me


Price: 16.500 Yen
Versions: Mix or black bag
Start of sale: Already on Sale
Content: 5 items: the bag in black (even when you pick the mix color), either a gray dress (when you pick mix) or a black dress, a black coat, and two random items.

Fint/An Another Angelus

Price: 11.000 Yen
Versions: only one version (mix), it can contain only fint, only an another angelus or a mix of both
Start of sale: Sold Out
Content: 5 items: the bag, a coat, a pullover, pants or skirt, and two random items.

Rosemarie Seoir


Versions: There are two different bags, a clothing one and one with accessories.
Price: 22.000 Yen for the clothes bag, 5.500Yen for the accessories bag
Content:  Clothes bag: Items worth 66.000Yen, no info how many items it has as it's random, the same with the accessories bag, which is worth 16.500Yen


Price: 25.000 Yen
Versions: Mix or black bag
Start of sale: Already on Sale
Content: 10 items:The black bag is all in black, the mix bag has different colours.

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