2022 review

January 10, 2023


Hello lovelies!

Belated Merry christmas and happy new year!

I thought I'd share a small 2022 review because to be honest, 2022 was a very good year for me. At the same time I am aware that 2022 has been a horrible year for others and I am truly sorry for that. When reading accounts about wars and injustice during my student time, I always thought about how people felt living during that time that were not directly affected from the war. Why didn't they do anything to stop it? Now I know; they can't. They are just as helpless and heartbroken as I am. 

So, what happened in 2022? I quit my toxic job in February! It was something I was planning to do anyway in June. But my boss was so horrible and was lying to my face that I decided to quit right then and there. I didn't see the situation changing for the better as I had hoped in 2021 and just called the shots. In the end, it was the best desicion because I immediately felt my happiness return and all the stress fall off.

Face of a very happy person who just quit her job

This led to having more time to study for my Latin test and to my surprise I passed it. Although I didn't just pass it, I aced it. I was so shocked when I first saw the test result! I remember it was late at night and I was making strange noices, trying not to wake my s.o. by screaming. 

For my birthday we went to Salzburg and it was really wonderful. I ate so much during the course of the weekend, I felt like I could roll home.  

In May I flew to Rome and met a good friend. We had three wonderful days in Rome and even saw the Pope as we snuck into the audience, that was fun. I made a video on youtube:


Also in May I had my first laser cutter training and decided to use my new knowledge to do some plexiglas jewelry. Or at least, tried to. I probably cut away a whole sheet and everything looked bad. 

Then, my biggest hightlight of the year; I went on an Interrail Tour between July and September. I visited numerous countries and cities and saw so many wonderful buildings, churches and art galleries. I slept in Hotels and went to restaurants everyday, I had a really wonderful time and would love to do it again. 

In September I passed my final exam and with that I  finished my Bachelors degree. I still can't believe I'm done. It still feels like I have to go to university. To be perfectly candite, I hated going to university. I hated being surrounded by people I didn't know, sit in stuffy rooms, discuss or hold presentations. What I liked where the lectures at home. From 2020 on all lectures were held online and I liked to sit home and listen to a professor talk. That's something I really miss.

Also in October I started my small business called "Royal Duck by Auris Lothol". I sold my handmade jewelry at Animarket for the first time and it was a success. I had also started to do some resin crafts and love how versatile it is, I can add any colour and any glitter to a mold and get a finished product!


And last but not least I started a new job in December. I am now working in the backoffice of an IT consulting company and I love it. My colleagues are really nice and work is not that stressful.

I know that 2023 can't beat it but I am planning my holidays, working on my brooches and playing games. I feel like life is where it wanted me to be.

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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