March - April OOTD 2023

July 28, 2023


Hello lovelies, 

another late batch of ootd. And my usual phrase: Better late than never. Am I right? :)

Be aware that both March and April are both picture heavy as I made a lot of pictures at work and at home. They were quite a few events I went to.


The month started with a visit to the hairdresser and while I really liked the color on my head, it was a bit too blonde for my taste at the tips.  

And here is the winter outfit with R. in front of the Scala theater. We watched the woman in black and really enjoyed it. But it was a huge discussion if we both had been to the theater before as R. could not remember. But I'm pretty sure we were there in 2009 and watched Hamlet. It was a huge discussion and in the end, P and my partner, who came with us, were probably already really annoyed. haha.


 Here is another office look, top and skirt are both from Liz Lisa. The Brooch is handmade.

March 4 was my birthday and we decided to take a day off from work and start off with a nice breakfast at Cafe Little Britain. Afterwards we went to the lower Belverede museum and see the new Klimt exhibition. At the end of the day, ordered some food at home and took a nap. It was perfect.

The air was still icy but the sun was trying her best to warm my cold extremities. The top picture is at Little Britain, and the one below was at Belvedere. I wore a casual outfit with an innocent world dress, a red blouse, white cardigan and lace socks.

Next was my birthday celebration with my family. I wore the red strawberry dress and took a picture at their place. My parents have a lot of plats and glasses.

We have an evening lolita meetup in the first week of the month and that was my outfit. I had re-dyed my hair to a darker shade.

This time we went to Matcha Komachi in the first district and it was delicious but also a bit pricey.

My mother invited me to an auction dinner for a good cause and we went there together at Hotel Marriot am Stadtpark. They had a dinner and a show - with karaoke, dancing and etc. The service was good but the food a bit sub-par for a hotel with that reputation. It was a buffet and the food was luke-warm and a bit bland. I bought the dress at orsay years ago, the cardigan is from Liz Lisa.

For my birthday, we went to Cafe Landtmann. A few people had to cancel last minute but that I was actually pretty okay with at, as we only had a small table and didn't really have space for more people. I wore my Classtyle - Angels coming dress and we made some pictures in the park afterwards. 

It was cold and we quickly made a few pictures before I froze. But we were not the only one - there were at least two brides also taking pictures in this park. 

On a friday, my partner and I met and we went to grab a bubble tea. Our favourite is tea plus and they have a wonderful flower wall with their logo - perfect for pictures!

I'm wearing the suffle song Mucha dress with a pearl fleur de lis pin and a liz lisa blouse. 

I changed my dress in the evening to go to the Bloodywood concert at Arena. 

The bone socks really gives the outfit a nice touch, in my opinion. The concert was also great and I enjoyed the music and band. If you ever have the chance to see bloodywood, please go and see them!

This is the same dress, worn on the same day with different accessoires - one for work and one more suitable for lolita meet ups.

What do you think? Would the second picture also be suitable for work or is it too much? I would love to hear from you. The dress is from A3, and the cardigan is new and from Liz lisa.

Here is another work outfit - I spruced it up a bit by adding bows to it at home. The dress is offbrand and the last time I wore it was in 2020!


Another work outfit! One of my two bosses came to me and told me, that he really liked this dress as it reminded him of a dirndl. I think I bought the dress for 20€ on Aliexpress and had to cut up the shoulder straps as they were much too short for my torso, and tie it behind my neck. I need to extend them but I haven't been able to do so yet.

I haven't worn the skirt in ages! I bought it back in 2017 for about 10€ but only got to wear it once or twice. This time I combined it with a secret honey blouse and a handmade sailor moon brooch and it looks adorable!

Finally another Lolita coord! Did you know, that this dress is one of my oldest? I bought it in 2013, which is a decade ago! But I took really good care of it and it still looks and feels amazing!

Maja is not that happy to be in the picture but she is such a cute little fluffball.


The next outfit is another work outfit. The reds don't really match but that's my only Alice band in red.

And here is a coord I wore for Animarket. I went for a sailor look in my vintage hat but make it comfy as I would sit and sell more jewelry for about 5 hours.

And that's all folks!

I hope you have a nice weekend, 

and all the best,

Auris Lothol

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