July - September OOTD 2023

October 27, 2023


Hello lovelies, 

welcome to October and happy Halloween month! I have nothing special planned for this month but that can change any minute - as in, I need a pumpkin dress. Now. Right now. 

But let's turn back time to summer.


This summer was pretty tame, I was working most of the time and I usually don't take summer vacations anyway. 

My first outfit I want to share is from the beginning of July and the historical festival in Vienna. I wore my 18th century garb again but didn't hide my pink hair. The dress is not ha at all, so I didn't bother with an itchy wig. Plus, I believe that if the people in the 18th century had the means to dye their hair pink, they would have done it. There are  pictures of women having very slightly pink hair, achieved through the means of a pomade. See a really nice post about hair from the series harlots by frockflicks.


silly pictures of me eating a hot potato.
And my full outfit. The linen was super crumpled and the camera couln't pick up my face between the dark green properly. I look like a crumpled blob lol.

After that I only have pictures of the festival Area53

This is from Friday. I wore my cat dress and pig tails. And Nanowar of steel thought I was cute.

And this is the pictures from Saturday, the last day with cute little horns. the dress is from EMP and has the evil queen from snow white printed on chiffon. The dress is a bit too big but suuuper comfy. I love to wear it as a house dress.

Back in the office, I have one oodt and that's it for July. I was very lazy and I feel that I had taken pictures of all of my outfits already and don't want to share them again. 

It is a super old Liz Lisa dress and the straps are already worn out. But I still like to wear it because of the nice floral and pastel style.


It was a colder day in August and I wore a comfy but ticker dress for that occasion. Dress is from Orsay. I am still sad, that the shop went out of business because they always had super nice and comfy business and feminine wear.

Here is a nother office picture but this time with my Innocent world dress I bought at the B&B last year. It's not flatting for my bustline but airy and comfy.

 Here are pictures we took at Aninite, the biggest convention in Austria:

 I love how doll-like I look in this style. I absolutely adore the pictures!

I was wearing a super old baby the stars shine bright dress with my prisila wig parts and a big la pafait headbow.

Here is another work outfit. It's a white dress from the brand Swankiss and even though it is a summer dress, it has a polyester lining and is just too hot for summer.

The cat dress is back here!

Nothing great to tell you about this dress anymore. I love how it looks and it is super comfy.

And here is my look for the lolita Teekränzchen. It was so hot, I decided to be very naughty and go without a blouse or something that covers my shoulders. TOO HOT. The dress is from Angelic Pretty and I bought it at the J-store in Hamburg. 

Off to the next month


 I haven't worn this dress in ages. AGES! A friend bought this dress in Japan and he is a large man, almost 2 metres and the sales lady wanted him to try on the dress. wtf? I cried tears of laughter. I'm 155cm and the dress fits me perfectly, but thanks anyway, kind shop staff. 

this dress is from Swankiss again and it kind of looks like a tennis uniform? But it has embroidered shells on top of it, so rather than a tennis dress, I like to style it in a more marine or mermaid style. The cardigan nfrom collectif fit perfectly, with the embroidered mermaid. And the hairclips are from Primark.

 And, as you might remember from my last post, here is once again my medieval outfit for the medieval festival in Eggenburg. All handmade and very swety in the sun. My pink cheeks on the first picture is definitely not rouge, just a red face from the heat.

This next outfit was from our lolita Teekränzchen in September. We went to cafe vivet and they have a huge Sisi picture - so I themed it Sisi. I got this dress from D. years before but rarely wear it because it's so dark. But I like the red and blue combination.  

And last but not least for this month, a work outfit but make it casual Lolita. My work colleagues now my exentric style by now and they are fine with it. I didn't even receive stupid comments, I love them!

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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