Let the fukubukuro madness begin again!

December 01, 2023


Hello lovelies,

it's that time of the year again. Not christmas or something trivial like that. No! It's Fukubukuro time! 

I am so excited for this year's goodie bags as the yen is pretty low, which makes ordering from Japan cheaper than ever before. 

But without further ado, here are the fukubukuro that have been announced.

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Last update: 11th of December



Price: 15950 Yen
Versions: ?
Start of sale: 05.12.2023 on their webshop
Content: 6 items

Angelic pretty Paris

Price: 300€-560€
Versions: 4 versions
Lovely Happy Pack: original print main pieces + 3 accessories
Charming Happy pack: 2 Main pieces + 1 accessory
Romantic happy pack: 1 set + 1 Main piece + 2 tops + 1 accessory
Dreamy Happy pack: 2 main pieces + 1 bag

Ank Rouge

Price: 17.600 Yen
Versions: 4 versions: White, Black, Pink, Blue
Start of sale: On Sale
Content: 6 items excl. the bag: a coat, a blouse, three random items and a hairband

Baby the stars shine bright & Alice and the Pirates

Price: 30.800 Yen
Versions: no
Start of sale: December 1st to 4th

Content: set with 3 or more pieces and accessoires

Cecil McBee

Price: 10.000 Yen
Versions: no
Start of sale: December 10th
Content: randomized items -  11 pieces worth about 40.000Yen


Price: 16.500 Yen
Versions: Black bag
Start of sale: sold out
Content: 5 items: the bag in black , either a gray dress or a black dress, a black coat, and two random items.



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