October - December OOTD 2023

December 28, 2023


Hello lovelies, 

I'm lazy. If you didn't know this by now- it's probably the first thing you will know about me. I like to nap and rest especially when I have a lot to do. Why am I telling you this? Well, I almost have no ootd for these months because, even though I wore lolita, I forgot to take pictures or was too lazy. The ootd at work also plummeted as I felt I photographed all my dresses already a billion times. 

But here we are, at the last post of 2023.


My outfit for Animarket - I'm wearing Angelic Pretty again. 

 And then of course, a 5-minute WW1 costume? Or something like that for Halloween. It's made out of a dirndl, an 18th century apron and a quick red cross, painted onto some fabric as an arm band. The nurse clip is from Katie the store.


November was full with events but somehow, I didn't manage to take a single full outfit picture. 

Here is my freshly dyed hair at the hairdresser with a bodyline dress.

And this is a selfie from the bring and buy. Another lolita outfit, and no pictures here either. 

And lastly, pictures from the comiccon you saw already. The first day I have almost a full body selfie with my ETC dress but the second picture from day two is only a portrait. You can see a cat, and I am wearing the cat dress from souffle song. But that was it. I missed good opportunities to take better pictures :(.

As for work outfits, I have two pictures...

The first is a black and white hearts picture. I wore the same coord a few years ago. 

And just a simple but cute pastel outfit.


None :(

I hope you had wonderful holidays and see you all in 2024.

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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