MondoCon und Cosplay

October 14, 2012


I woke up a few hours ago after almost 14h of sleep but the Con left me really exhausted. Not the con itself though, it was quite calm there but the bustour and the lack of sleep before the convention. I couldn't finish the cosplay before because I had some university stuff to do and therefore I made my cosplay the night before the con and just finished it half an hour before I had to leave. But I finished it. I even had the time to emroider the flowers on my cape.

As you remember, this is the Hungary outfit I wanted to do and in this and this post, you can already see my first progress.

On ebay I got cheap fur, from which animal I do not know because the seller didn't know either. But with the pelt, the cape really looks like from the middle ages.
And this is the half embroided cape;

And this is the finished blouse;
With the wonderful and very puffy sleeve
but I finished these already a few days ago.
The bootcovers were made from scratch in this night.

I don't have a complete full body shot of my cosplay yet but I really want to do this asap.
I am so happy I finished it because at the Convention I really felt like a prince. :D


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