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October 17, 2012

Hello lovelies,

although work and university stress me a bit, I still find or rather, I make time for my newest cosplay.
I bought the fabric and drew the pattern on Monday and cut everything today. Now I'm ready for the drawing part.
And this is my new cosplay; fem!austria (Nyotalia)

isn't she a cutie?
I know, I am still very Hetalia obsessed even though it is out of fashion lately, but I do not care :D! I never cared for these things, as I do not care for all those cosplayers claiming to be the elite of a country. That's just riddiculous but you always find them and in every country.
A couple of months ago I decided to cosplay her and bought the wig and the hairthing on ebay but then I never found the time to do her costume. Meanwhile, Lena and me had a little picture shooting in Dirndl if you remember this post.

I had problem with deciding on the colour of her skirt because you actually see that the skirt is white but there is a dash of purple on the front. But I will do it all in white and maybe decide later on, if I spray paint it in that beautiful lilac colour.
Apart from that, I'll sew the top as a blazer with Edelweiss buttons I found at my local fabric store! I just have to paint them purple.
The skirt will be made separately and in two parts, under- and overskirt with a small petticoat.
The pattern of the blazer is a Burda pattern (again) which I altered (again). But it looks good already!
I wish you all a good night,


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