oh no, not crocheting again.

November 06, 2012

Dear readers,

another post about my crocheting work, I know. But this time, I come with a cute strawberry! I really like strawberries and own a lot of strawberry items.
This pattern ist actually my own creation:

 I first crocheted it with my 4.0mm hook, but I was not satisfied with all the holes in my cute fruit. I rechrocheted it again with a smaller hook, a 2.5 and it looked so much better.
The numbers on the right side are the pattern for this sweet berry.
1 8 means first line, 8dc (double crochet stich, in german: ein einfaches stäbchen)
2 10 means second line, 10dc
and so on
after line 12 I just crocheted around the strawberry and that was all the magic. My strawberry is 10cm long and a bit huge but I will glue on a pin and use it as a brooch on my scarf or my bag!


I plan to go to four events, two in November and two in December and my, I am already thinking about my costume because two are Burlesque/gothic parties, one is a lord of the ring and the other one is a Gothic and Lolita event. I am too lazy to sew something for the Lolita event and thus ordered a cute bodyline skirt a week ago, but the others...yikes.
For the burlesque party I thought about wearing my black corset and sew a skirt with a huge bustle at my bum.


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