2 Cosplays in 2 Weeks

April 15, 2013

Hello lovelies,

the title says everything. I AM IN STRESS and on the brink of going insane.
But it's my fault anyway! Two planned cosplays were cancelled even though I started both of them already and therefore hat to change all of my plans. And I had the time to gather everything and already start 4 weeks before the con. The con, Animuc in Munich, will be this comin weekend and I only started sewing last Monday. OTL
On Saturday I'll do Ruruca/Rulka from Crimson Spell for a friend of mine. I already tailored this cosplay once but threw it away because I thought it was so bad.

And on Sunday I'll do the female version of Norway. Yes, Hetalia always has a place on conventions |D.
There are is no official version yet for fem!Norway but I will stick to something similar to that.
And my progress until today is this:

The front part is still missing, the skirt is too long and I have to sew the hem but apart from that...yep. Looks good already. That's already an "old" picture of the progress because the cuffs are already on too!
(And I am wondering what's on TV...probably The IT crowd |D)
Parts missing: barret

It's harder with ruruca/rulka because I only started today with the trousers and even though they have pockets, I'm not finished with them yet. Jep, a cosplay with pockets. This is the premier!
Parts missing: The coat, the bolero

uff, and work all week from 9.30am-6pm mo+tue and wed+thu from 4pm to 10pm. Wish me luck please because we already drive to munich on friday...! Yikes.


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