dead tired

May 02, 2013

Hello lovelies,
it's been one month since I started working 5-3 times a week plus doing and finishing three cosplays in that month. I am just so dead tired but I can't stop. In three weeks time is Dokomi in Düsseldorf/Germany again and there are two more cosplays I have to do in this time.
I never told you, what I made for last Sunday.....

I made the Hungary Hetaween outfit! I think this is super cute. I don't have the pictures yet but I don't think the photographer really understood what I meant. Nevertheless, I'm not going to judge him without seeing the pictures first.

Now for the Dokomi, I have to special Cosplays in mind.
For Saturday it will be Atelier Meruru

And on Sunday Liechtenstein in her Halloween fairy outfit from 2010? 2011? I'm not sure...But I think it's so cute!

I already started with the first pattern and that was nervewrecking! But I will manage <3 p="">

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