30 day Lolita challenge - day 4

July 08, 2013

Hello lovelies,

my weekend was fantastic!
I had a very productive photoshooting on Saturday and the most wonderful Hetalia meet up on Sunday. Pictures will arrive soon. Because of work, I didn't have time to edit them yet.

Day 4 – 10 different kinds of food you like.

  1. chocolate in almost every flavour. But I only like the sweet ones. The "healthy" chocolate with more than 55% is much to bitter for my taste. 
  2. curry! Thai, indian or japanese curry. They are all very tasty. I just don't like the sweet curry. And my curry always has to be very hot and spicy.
  3. I love sushi and sashimi. I could eat raw fish all day long. With lots of wasabi and soy sauce it is one of my most favourite food
  4. I really like Italian food too. Pizza, Pasta, Antipasti, etc.  I could also enjoy it all day long but I do so seldomly at the moment because of work. 
  5. Dessert. Fruity dishes or chocolaty or with nuts. Everything is fine with me except dessert with heavy cream or butter. 
  6. the same for the cupcakes! Too much butter or cream and my stomache will say NO! And I especially love cute cupcake designs with bows or hearts or something creative!
  7. Ice cream. I once worked in an ice-cream shop for 3 years and never got tired of eating ice-cream. I still eat a lot of ice today but nothing compared to those three years. 
  8. Humus, Baba Ganush and couscous! Oriental food, as long as it's not sweet is great too!
  9. Bohemian, Bavarian and Austrian food. Very unhealthy and a lot of carbs but if you do not enjoy it every day but only once in a while, it's totally fine!
  10. Viennese Mehlspeisen. *__*!

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