Edelstoffmarkt and shopping

September 30, 2013

Hello lovelies,

I had a wonderful weekend!

On Saturday there was a market called "Edelstoffmarkt" in Vienna. There were a lot of designers presenting their wares. I fell in love with a hat from verhutung but didn't have sufficient funds to buy it. Maybe next time!

 Both pictures are from the homepage of verhutung.at and not my property.
And both hats are from the Sommer collection 13!

The market was in an old warehouse and the atmosphere was really good. There was even a djane playing good music. And she had lovely hair!

And this is what I bought; two 30x70 flowery fabric. And I will use it as the lining for a bag I am sewing ^^v
The shop I bought it from is giraffenland.at
It's a really cute store and has a lot of these cute fabrics. There was another fabric which I wanted to buy but I didn't have any use for it. But it had little chicks on them! Fluffy yellow chicks, awww <3 p="">In case you can't read the card, the shop is located at Währinger Straße 144, in Vienna.

On Sunday I went to the musical "Elisabeth" with my sister Pi, and Simon. Si has never been to Elisabeth and is not that fond of musicals but he liked it. Yey!


I wore a casual Himekaji outfit again, with a big bow in my hair. The shoes are black because my coat was black too. Yes, I already wear coats because it's way too cold already. Brrrr. Oh, and I really have to go to my hairdresser. x.x And I want to colour my hair to that LIYE colour of my prisila wig. :)

Dress: Ebay
Shoes: Tally Weijl
Bow and earrings: present from Si
Handbag: Jesus Diamante
Rest: offbrand

Today my parcel arrived with my Angelic pretty lacy ballerina OP I bought secondhand on Lj.
It's so lovely! And currently I am looking for a matching headdress but I can't seem to find a good one. I want to have it more ballerina theme-d.
Not my picture but that's the full dress.
And I took pictures of all the perfect details.

And this is how it looks like with my other dresses...
It sticks out :)!

I also bought some other new things:
  • Pink double clips with silver heart from LJ
  • a prisila wig in TAY X LIYE from LJ
  • a Tralala coat from LJ
  • a long coat from ebay
I always buy a lot when I actually have to study, lala~!


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