Make-up, shopping and new cosplays

October 05, 2013

Hello lovelies,

the exam week is finally over and now I can begin my ordinary life again. I worked so many hours in summer and last semester, I really missed university. Now I only work Tuesday to Thursday 8,5 per day and go to university on Mondays and Fridays. And a 1,5h Japanese lecture Wednesday after work, but that's okay.

The first two pictures are from yesterday and the last one is from today. Simon was staying over after a shopping howl. He looked stupid on all the other pictures ❤.
I finally found out how to perfectly stick on bottom lashes and now do this excessively.
And yesterday I wore my MA*RS earrings again, even though they fit to nothing I have. This means, I have to buy more MA*RS clothes.

So...clothes...Si and me were at Primark and I only bought a few things. Hooray! Today we were in at the local fabric store and this is all the bags looked.
It was a pure chaos |D.
 New underwear, hair pins, a red dress and finally trousers again for jogging and sports. All my others are already really old and tattered.


 It has pearls on them! *___* I just love pearls. :)

I really loved the scalloped neckline. And the buttons. They are just too cute.

I bought so much fabric because I have 6 more cosplays in mind until mid of November.
Two for Ak-Con in Graz:

I'll do Takashiro from Bible black with Isa on Saturday and on Sunday I have a small hetalia Nordics group, Denmark, Norway and Iceland in this historical (children? chibi?) version. I think I'll also use blue velvet as a material.

Then I am doing a sewing project on tumblr from real historical patterns. It even has prizes so please take part!!
I chose to sew a kind of Marie-Antoinette shepherdess gown. But I am still working on the design, so I do not have a picture of it yet. sorry!

And for YaYuCo in Munich I'll do a Yuri cosplay and a...well, it's not yaoi but it's an otome game and they guys are really cute. And I decided to do the hare, Jie-Un from Dandelion: wishes brought to you.

And now, with university and work and sports, I just have to work very hard on my cosplays.


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