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November 05, 2013

Hello lovelies,

yesterday I uploaded a tutorial on Deviantart on how I sew on my trim for cosplays. Of course I only use it, when I do not have lining, because if I do, I use another technique.
If you want the tutorial in one big picture, click here

You need
- the basic fabric of your costume/cosplay
- fabric for the trim

My basic fabric was white and the trim fabric was fake gold leather.
To get the right amount of trim, multiply your desired size with four and add 0,5cm.
ex I wanted a 1 cm trim, and cut out a piece with a width of 4,5cm.

Mark whatever size you have on your left side (the back). I marked 1cm

Pin right side on right side and then sew along your marked line.

 Turn it around so you see your right side and then push it onto the back side.

It should look like this. Now, turn the whole piece around and pin it at the front. Try to get very close to the trim.
Hint: Always leave a few cm over the edge. It will look much nicer if you fold it back once you start sewing.

This is how the back and the front should look like.

Now sew it very, very close on your cosplay fabric, not on your trim! I always use a big stitch for that. Be careful not to sew into your trim...

Tadah! Does you back look like this? Then it's correct :)

This is how the front should look like. As you can see, the thread is almost invisible.

See were I started to sew? Of course if it doesn't matter if the thread is visible on your trim, you can start at the very beginning but I always think it is nicer if the thread is not seen.

Because I started a few cm after the edge, I have to close the trim with a few small stitches.
And you are finished!!!


You can of course cut away your excess. But this is not necessary.

I used this trim for a lot of my cosplays....

Picture by Mili Graphix photography


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