Sewing away

November 03, 2013

Hello lovelies,

next week is yayuco! I haven't been there for years and I am very excited already.
I had to cancel my cosplayplans I had before due to my bad planning.
So yesterday I decided to do Strawberry Panic on all two days!
I'll do Hikari Konohana again. I already wore this cosplay on my first yayuco, but threw it away because I thought it was hideous. And now I am working on a better, second version.

I started yesterday and I am almost finished with the dress.
I think I still have the ribbon and just have to dye it a bit with black tea, and the blouse.
Btw, last month Simon and me tried to colour something with black tea and it worked out super fine! You just have to be very careful with it. If you forget your fabric in the pot with tea it grows darker with every minute. :) For a very even colour, leave your fabric in the tea for always the same time.

The next cosplay I have for more than a year already but do not have a lot of good pictures for it, is Kagome Byakudan.
The only thing missing is the yellow jacket ^___^! And I have to restyle the wig. I think the curls are already very messy. Oh, and I need her fricking teddy bear >///<.

And I am still now finished with my halloween outfit, BUT!! it actually turned out in a very Marie-Antoinette Lolita styled dress so that's no problem. I will just finish it for the next Lolita meet in December.  Oh, and I love the sleaves I made. I think I'll just sew on some pearls to make it even more beautiful.

And now, one more make-up picture because I still need a fixed mirror were I can take a picture of a full body outfit ~__~! But I have to move again next year. And I am thinking of taking a small flat all for myself.

Two selfies with different filters ^^v. And always with a soft glow.

I will shower now and then go to work on my cosplay. What do "normal" people do in their free time? I don't even know XD!

Auris Lothol

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