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December 05, 2013

Hello lovelies,

as you may know, I have to study for my classic era exam. Is there a better time to go internet shopping?
I wanted to get this next year's goodie bag or fukubukuro from Liz Lisa but couldn't decide which one. After hours I finally decided on the two bags for 15.000 (w/o taxes), called the "classical ribbon set".
It will arrive in January and the content itself is worth 30.000 or more. I am already so excited!

But that is not the only purchase I made...
I fell in love with this Sailor moon ring, it's open for pre-order too, but that was just too expensive...
I especially love the silver one! Lookie lookie

 You can preorder this ring here

And instead of buying this gorgeous ring, I preordered a compact set!
They are so pretty too!

I am so in love with this wonderful Sailor moon merchandize ;_;!

To the  stuff I recently bought or got...

The book, Naamah's blessing by Jaqueline Carey, which I already finished and my softbox!
(Btw, if you never read anything by that talented author, got and read something, NOW! Start with Kushiel's dart.)

Everything without the box. I didn't use it yet, so there are no pictures of it yet.

And now I finally have a dressmaker or rockabrunder, in German. I bought it for 1€ on ebay and with shipping in Germany, I sent it to my dear friend Zen, it was only 7€ something. So cheap! *___*!

I bought this last item at a charity event in Vienna. It's called the Women's guild bazar and it's once a year. I have been to that event every year and I love it.
Now I have my very own Tea-boy, for when my boyfriend is not around ;D!

This weekend we will drive to our local fabric store ín Kritzendorf. Hopefully I'll get everything I need because the last few times I was disappointed.


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