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December 10, 2013

Hello lovelies,

I still don't have time to work on my cosplays. Today I'll go to the gym again, tomorrow is the double feature of the hobbit and on Thursday I will fly to Berlin and visit my dear Talí.
But at least I am bought some of the fabric already and I shopped for some cute accessories.
I forgot to do pictures of the fabric, which is already washed but at least I can show you what I bought today.

This is for my Sakizou cosplay..

I ordered two frames, that almost look similar, in different sizes.
 This is the bigger one with the size 46x35mm.
I bought it from lingsjewelrystore2012, an ebay shop.

This one is the smaller one and its size is 26x19mm. I got this one from jewelrycharms88

When they arrive, I will paint them and then start doing the cameo. It will only be very simple but I want them to shine and have a decent pearl shimmer.
For this, I found a really great tutorial by Valerianas Studio named Molds for polymer clay.

See you next week!


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