Lucrezia costume

December 23, 2013

Hello lovelies,

Christmas is coming up and half of my friends seem to be in Germany now. To not get bored I started a renaissance headdress mock up.
I bought this pattern from Nehelenia Patterns and I was really thrilled. It worked perfectly!
This is how it looks like:

I used the Italian Reta pattern.

 I just used some gold lace I found at home. Lucky me!

The only problem I didn't think of was that doing this was so time consuming because I made an alteration. I wanted it to have pearls on it, like the one I needed for my Lucrezia Borgia costume.

That was day 1. And this was my progress on day 2, after 9h of sewing, with regular breaks for sushi, chocolate and tea.

Only 19 pearls missing on top. Hell yessss. And after that, I need to stitch on pearls on the seam. But then I'm finished.

For the wig I ordered a more expensive wig from ebay. It's called a front lace wig and with it I can (hopefully) achieve a convincing hairline.
I got the one with 24" (~61cm). When I receive the item, I have to curl the hair to give it more volume. I probably even have to sew in more wefts for even more volumina.


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