my cosplay/fashion year 2013

December 27, 2013

Hello  lovelies,

I tried to gather all of my cosplays together for a review of this year but I noticed that although I wore some of the cosplays on a con, I didn't have good pictures. And with a few I don't even have bad pictures...because I was really too lazy for photoshootings this year...

  • Female Austria, worn at LBM 13 and Japancity
  •  Female Norway worn at Dokomi and Aninite
  •  Chrono Guards - November worn at Connichi
  • Viking Norway, worn at Fuyu Con

  • Hetaween Hungary worn at a cosplay even in vienna and at made in japan.
And these I managed to do and even wore to cons but do not have pictures...>_<
  • Takashiro from Bible Black, worn at Akicon

  •  I redid my old Hikari Cosplay and made a new one. Worn at YaYuCo
  • Mirka Fortuna from Trinity Blood, worn at Made in Japan and Animagic.

8 Cosplays this year. That's not a lot but not too bad either. :)

As for fashion outfits I got more than last year...

Gyaru fashion (Hime gyaru, hime lolita and himekaji)


Lolita coords:

Long post short, it was a good year. 
Next year I'll probably do less cosplays but they will be even fancier :)
I wish you all the best for next year!


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