Lolita blouse

January 01, 2014

Hello lovelies,

first post in the new year. Hooray!
In the last two days before new year I worked on my bodice/corset for Lucrezia. I didn't have any spring feathers left for the corset and therefore had to wait until the 30th to buy some. In the mean time, and because I have no life, I decided to use the cute fabric I bought in Seoul to tailor a cute Lolita blouse.

remember this fabric?

Day 1 - 29th of December
I made the pattern from a sewing gothic lolita magazine and transferred into onto the fabric, then cut it out and drafted the pattern on the other side.
I always have the feeling that these steps takes longer than the actual sewing.

Sewing is the most relaxing part of this. I got all the way to sew all the side seams and the shoulder seams before going to bed.

Like that, it totally looks like a cute potato bag, isn't it?

Day 2 - 30th of December
I started before six pm and sewed all night into the 31st of December. I think all in all, this blouse took me between 12-15h. I can't really say because I made a lot of breaks to eat, surf on the net, eat, drink and eat. Lucky me I only got a few Christmas chocolate.

I started with the collar which took some time because I tailored it two times onto the wrong side. My head was not in the game...

After that I tailored the sleeves and the frills (no picture here), made the button holes, sewed on the buttons manually and made a cute little bow. It's not really attached to the blouse but rather a brooch kind of bow. It will be easier to wash like that..
and tadaaah, this is it

Plus points:
+it has everything I like: bows, frills, puffy sleeves, a peter pan collar
+in general it looks very cute
+the fabric is very light, perfect for summer

Minus points:
-the button border is horrible. I didn't read the instruction well and now they turned out really weird
-I probably made the sleeves a bit too tight OTL
-I don't like the lace next to the button border

It's not my best work but nevertheless I like it. Hopefully I'll find the opportunity to wear it! :)

Next update will be probably about my Lucrezia or my merry-go-round/carousel pony from Sakizou again! 


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