Strawbetty in Berlin

January 06, 2014

Hello lovelies,

remember my trip to Berlin? I forgot to write about it with all the pre-christmas stress.
I searched for some cute 50s shop online and found the shop "strawbetty" in Berlin.
It took me ages to get there and it was dark by the time I found it.
The shop was small but so cute. I strolled around and couldn't decide on what to buy. In the end, I got a sailor dress (also lolita compatible) and a sailor bag, for under 100€! In Austria I would have paid 100€ alone for the bag or the dress! Not to mention the shipping..ugh.

It is very easy to reach if you take the Ubahn to Warschauer Straße and then with the tram number M13 toWühlischstr./Gärtnerstr. I didn't know and got lost a thousand times...

 I already checked and a petticoat fits underneath. Hell yessss!

Details of the bag :3

Apart from shopping I also went to a lot of Restaurants and spent my time with dear Yoshi, whom I hadn't seen in more than a year. We kinda renewed our love to Lareine and Kamijo and spent our  Sunday with being nostalgic about it. 

When I got home to Vienna again, after a delay due to the heavy fog, some parcels arrived for me. 
Two Bodyline skirts, fake lashes, stockings, and an eyebrow pencil...
Only one skirt because the other one was just a very plain white skirt.

I got all three items from ebay :)
Details from the stocking...

Last but not least,...My Liz Lisa Luckypack is on its way to Austria already. I hope to get that awesome coat in white! Keep your fingers crossed :)!


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