Italian Renaissance stays

January 12, 2014

Hello lovelies,

I haven't been working on my corset all week because of work and my studies but I finally took the time continued it yesterday. After all, I had M. at my place and he cut the wire for me. I really need to buy a decent cutter next time I start a corset...

I did the sides and inserted the wire. I decided against too many and instead only put some in front and at the back, leaving the sides out. Historically speaking, the corset is an abomination, but it works! It really pushes the boobs and I have a nice flat chest.
You can find the pattern to this stay at Italian Renaissance Gown Construction and I can just recommend it to you!

At first I worked with the patterns from Nehelenia called quilted pair of bodies but it just didn't work out for me. All the patterns I did were too big.

The back is blue (again...I just love this colour combination :3). But it seems like I was not careful again and now it has a stain. Actually it is more visible on the pictures. In normal light you don't see it at all.

Watching supernatural and stitching the inner side of the corset is like killing two birds with one stone.
 In my opinion it just looks better.I could have sewn over it with the sewing machine too, but I just like how it looks with hand stitches.

 Erm..yes, don't ask me why there is decoration..I just felt like it 15mins ago and now I think it looks stupid but I'm too lazy to redo the pictures. Lazy me is always lazy. I will probably end today with more supernatural and hand stitching.
When I am finished I only have to do the eyelets and I am finished! Hooray!

Oh, and remember the silicon form I did for the merry-go-round/carousel pony? It worked out mighty fine!

The form is not pretty but it works, so I am not complaining...
But the colour is really ugly...|D!!!

have a nice week everybody!!


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