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February 08, 2014

Hello lovelies,

quick wip of the cosplay because I have to go to bed right after this post. Tomorrow my flatmates will move out and I volunteered to help them. Free food! And bringing boxes to the fourth floor without lift. Never mind. Free cookies!!

I finished the top pattern yesterday, after three failures. Well, not exactly failures but they were not as I expected and I cut and taped all night.

The top seems very big but it a) has still sewing allowance of 1,5cm on all sides plus I didn't subtract the pink lace yet, as I will probably sew it onto the top. And I want pink silk for the inner lining!

The fabric has the exact colour of the top. I was surprised to find it in my local fabric store (Komolka).
Detail pictures of the original. My fabric even has the same silver shimmer.

After cutting out the top I had three options on what to do:
  1. do the pattern for the sleeve + cut it out
  2. continue to stamp the gold on the chemise
  3. start the final Renaissance Reta/Headgown
I took number three and I didn't get as far as I hoped. Also, the material I used, Lurex (name of the brand) 2mm, is so slippery and tiny, I really had a hard time stitching on the pearls or even laying it out onto the pattern correctly.

 As you can see on the left side, some pearls are already crooked. But, it really delights me to see, that in the original pictures, the reta is also a bit crooked and twisted....

And now I can finally go to bed. On Sunday I will have a Bible Black shooting with dear Isa. So looking forward to it :D. We have some naughty things in mind...!


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