A lolita in Gödöllö

February 18, 2014

Hello lovelies,

Simon and I were looking for activites to do last Saturday and we came up with a day trip to Gödöllö in Hungary. See more about the palace on their homepage.
It was a 3h trip by car although it could have taken us less but our navigation system guided us through Budapest in heavy traffic. But it was nice to see the city again. I think, it's very pretty and I would love to go to Budapest more often but I feel so out of place there. I don't know if this is because Simon and I talk German or because I look Asian. And Hungary is known for their uprising xenophobia.

Nevertheless, we arrived safely and made the tour through the palace. I paid about 5.50€ admission plus audio guide and Si paid 9.40€. It's always good to be a student :D!
We were not allowed to take pictures, which was a shame because the interiour was so nice! I especially liked the colour of Empress Elisabeth (Sisi) room. It had a nice "Veilchenblau" (Violetblue) which was also her favourite colour.

taken from the Royal palace homepage

Simon and I decided to colour our bedroom in the same colour when we finally move together.

The gardens of the palace were a bit boring because it was not a rococo garden.

The weather was so nice and it was really warm, although too cold to run around without a coat all the time.

And that was my outfit for the day:

Dress: Angelic Pretty "Pastel Pearl"
Bonnet: Alice and the pirates
Bag and bolero: Offbrand
Roses: Claires
Socks: Angelic Pretty or btssb (can't remember)
shoes: no idea


And a random picture of Si and me..
We look like fat titans! :D

Before driving home, we stopped at a Tesco and bought so many stuff with our remaining money. And we still got some left (for a next trip?). I finally have strawberry shampoo! It's actually for children, but who cares!

This friday I have a Himegyaru shooting and on Sunday we have Lolita meeting in Vienna again. Hooray, more pictures, more time to wear my clothes!
I always have to wear conservative clothing during work and therefore I always look forward to wearing what makes me happy and myself.

Have a nice week everybody!


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