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March 16, 2014

Hello lovelies,

instead of writing a paper due tomorrow I will update my blog. I still have enough time to write it. It's only Sunday evening.

My friend D. celebrated her birthday yesterday in our most favourite cocktail bar in Vienna. It was such a fine evening and I had the chance to talk to people with whom I have never talked more than a short "Hi!". That was refreshing and very interesting.

Before going to the party I went for a present hunt at Mariahilferstraße, a huge shopping street in Vienna, located in my favourite district and recently voted to become a car-free zone. Happy!!
Then for lunch I went with M-S to a newly opened Vietnamese restaurant.
The food was so delicious and the waitresses and the one waiter were very friendly! The only thing I didn't like was when I requested chili for my food. They gave me chilipaste to put on it myself instead of adding fresh chili directly in the food.

M-S. and me infront of the Restaurant. He recently coloured his hair and I want a similar colour but more ash-coloured and not that ginger.

Looking at the pictures from yesterday, one can't really imagine how I look now while studying;
- less make-up, -glasses, -unruly hair in a pony tail, -all in black and in two sweaters to ward off the cold....

This is the Orsay dress I wrote about last time! I love it!
I am currently trying to find fabric with that kind of pattern to sew my own dresses but it is impossible! I can't find anything. That's so sad!
This picture was out of focus...I didn't soften it at all...
Although it looks like a put a lot of filter over it..

You really see the different hair colour I have. Nearly black at the top, dark brown in the middle and then a lighter brownish-red in the tips..It has a very ombre touch to it.

The full outfit with my new bag from "Restyle" without the shoes (because I was not allowed to wear them on the floor :P).

And this is the full order!
The bag, the harness?, and my corset. I already tried on the latter one and I think it's too big for me again. Not big as in wide but as in too long. My body is very short...

And to study again..meh meh


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3 Kommentare

  1. So lovely! I have a similar dress from Orsay...just without sleeves. It looks wonderful on you <3

    1. Thank you, dear! Orsay really has some good items from time to time <3

  2. habs eh schon auf fb geliked xD dein outfit is voll süß. passt voll gut zu dir. und deine haare sehn ur perfekt aus*_* hab kurz gedacht, dass es eine wig is. schöne neue farbe!