Peignoir sewing

March 10, 2014

Hello lovelies,

I am currently working on a peignoir (see through nightgown) because I got into cult party kei. OTL
This is most unfortunate because I anyway love so many different fashion styles and I really don't want to spend more money on new ones.
And a simple peignoir is about 40€ on etsy (with shipping to Austria, which alone is 10€. Damn the high charges.) and therefore I decided to do my own.
I bought fabric in Kritzendorf (all hail Kritzendorf, I got 3m for 6€) and made the pattern on Friday.
Saturday was a lazy day but I started sewing today and got pretty far already, even though I didn't sew more than 2h.

This is the pattern I used; sleeves, cuffs and front/back.
To get those puffy sleeves I cut the pattern of the sleeves in half and put them on the fabric with 50cm width difference.

It looks so tiny because I am so small, but it actually goes to my knees! To make it a bit longer I will add ruffles (hooray!) with a length of 10-15cm.

The seam. A normal stitch followed by a huge zig-zag stitch.

2 layers of a blurry cuff.

This is my long and very puffy sleeve. It goes down until after my ellbow.

And this is how it looks with the cuff sewed on. I have to admit, I was too lazy to do this today and therefore it is hold only by pins. But you don't see them at all! Amazing.

I already got some asks to do a tutorial and I definitely will! It is very easy and the outcome is just amazing. I can't wait to wear it and compare it with the peignoir I bought. (I am a very weak human being. But at least it was "only" 17€ with shipping.)

Talking about shopping... did I show you the most amazing dress I every found in Orsay?

Front, Back plus a detailed shot of the flowers. I feel like a painting when I wear the dress *_*
I hope I'll find a good occasion soon so that I can wear it!

The other things I got on this shopping day was mainly cosmetics.
I read some really good review on Smashbox so I got their "try it kit". I hope to "try it" very soon :).
The other items are a Marionnaud nail polish, two art deco camouflage, a cleansing milk from douglas, a cream from biotherm and a white make-up pen by NYX. I decided to buy it after pretty good reviews on tumblr. And because of the's called Cottage cheese.

Then, yesterday in the evening I bought a lot of stuff on ebay and on Friday I finally bought my waist training corset. It's from "What Katie did". It will arrive in 4 weeks (or less, I hope..) and I am truly excited.
So..the new waiting list:

  • two ribbon belts from ebay (blue and apricot)
  • two hair ribbon in pink from ebay
  • one black dress with a bow at the back from ebay
  • one corset from what katie did
  • three items from restyle (one corset, one body strap and a bag)
  • four thread boxes from ebay
  • one wig from ebay
  • 15 sewing machine feet from ebay
  • 3 punch tools from ebay

Sorry for the long post!


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4 Kommentare

  1. Bin gespannt auf das Tutorial Peignoir *__*
    Culty Party Kei ist wirklich tolle Style :3
    und das Kleid von Orasy, ist so schön! Nur ich frage mich ob es auch die Petticoat reinpassen? >_<

    1. Danke sehr! Ich hoffe, es wird was...sehr bald XD
      jaaa, total *___*
      Darunter passt leider absolut kein petticoat ;_;! Also als Lolitakleid ist es leider nicht verwendbar ;_;

  2. Replies
    1. I changed it a bit but the basepattern was from a lolita dress. :)