Sakizo cosplay WIP

June 12, 2014

Hello lovelies,

time flies by and I only have about two and a half weeks left. Plus my exams are coming up. I really hope to finish this cosplay for Japan Expo. Would be a shame if not!

But, nevertheless, I already finished quite a few things:

 A set of earrings and a ring. I used fimo for the white stones, coloured them with paint and, to make them super shiny, I painted them with colourless nail polish.

 Super huge bow with detachable flower (better for traveling!). It is made out of four different ribbons.

I thought about doing the stocking and hand stocking? with paint but I don't like it at all. Those are not dots but pyramids and it's very wobbly XD.
Therefore I thought of just hotgluing rhinestones on it. And now I have to buy a set of glue and rhinestones :P.

Here again a picture of the actual costume:

The skirt is almost done. It only needs top lining and a zip.
The top is also missing the zip and a few designs.
Bow: Finished
Handstocking + Stocking: nothing yet
wig: half dine
tail: nothing yet
shoes: nope
accessoire: ring, earrings done.
saddle: nope

send help!


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