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August 12, 2014

Hello lovelies,

the con is finished and I got myself caught up in a whole new project.
There will be a Middle-earth festival in the last August week "near" Vienna and I will be attending it for the first time ever. There will be a programm at daytime and concerts at night. I enrolled for "punzieren" (no idea what this word is in english. It's craftin motivs on leather), dagger fight and long sword fight. I actually wanted to take archery instead of punzieren but I don't know when I will arrive on Friday and therefore I wanted to be on the safe side and took the course which is only one afternoon and not the whole day.
Not only am I very excited, I am also very enthusiastic about myself some nice costumes.
I want to sew 2-3 costumes, one Tauriel like fighter costume which is inspired by Arwens riding gown.

Source: www.Iansmith.co.uk

 I want to take Arwens riding gown as base and just add the sleave part from picture number two, which is a Tauriel inspired pattern. I bought myself vambraces at Närcon and this is the reason I do not want fluffy sleeves. They'd be a horrible match.

The other dress is a more elgant one, for the evening concert. I bought the fabric yesterday and it will be made out of rose coloured velvet and silver satin. The latter dress was also inspired by one of Arwen's dresses.
I love these long sleeeves. I hope 3m are sufficient. For the pink velvet dress I bought five meters because I want a long trail.

Currently I am looking for a nice silver border for this costumes and I already have a few in mind. I will buy them when I get my paycheck :)!

I will probably upload more progress pictures in the next few weeks, because I plan to do something for the cosplay every day of the week, even after a 8,5h workshift and 60min gym. I can't be lazy now. It's better to finish these dresses asap and start the connichi outfits because time is running so fast.

Have a nice week,


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