One Pattern done plus shopping review

August 13, 2014

Hello lovelies,

I finally have pictures of the fabric I bought. I really do hope, it will be enough..

This is a light woolen fabric which is amazingly soft. I really do hope it is not itchy on my skin..

This fabric is very silky and shiny. The only problem is, that it really feels oily on your skin? I do have to wash them when I got to a friend on Saturday to cut out all the pieces because my room is much too small for such amenities, like a big fucking sewing table..

The pattern for the top part is ready and I will continue today with the bottom part, which is actually just the skirt part. Afterwards I will finally start with the evening/nice dress pattern.

I want a really long trail for that dress but I fear it will not really be possible. Not for sewing but rather for practical reasons. I will be out in the wild for three days and if it rains, this dress will get so dirty and muddy, ugh..

Yesterday my package from Hong Kong arrived too! The stuff is from Harajuku fashion an online shop from Storenvy.
My shoes and my sailor moon necklace are here. I actually ordered two pairs of shoes but they didn't have the second one anymore and refunded me my money immediately.

I think they are super cute and have everything cute himekaji/cult party kei shoes need; ribbons, lace,heart shaped charm and they are pink!

I ordered them in size 37 (usually I am 36 but in China I am not XD) and they fit perfectly, no criticism there..

The sailor moon necklace looks cheap. Very cheap.

You can really see that this is a replica, the original picture in the shop looks way different...:

And I paid 23$ for that... I am not amused.

Shipping was extra and shipping plus handling took aaaaages and then it arrived in a really messed up shoe box. It was soggy and torn.

This shop only gets 2 out of 5 stars for a torn box, slow shipping and handling and an overpriced replica. I would not recommend buying in that shop....

Enough for today, I should also do some work...... at work :P

Auris Lothol

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