Day two in Tokyo

December 30, 2014

Hello lovelies,

the second day started with an Tuna-Mayo and Inari Onigiri breakfast from Lawson! Nom! I really like Lawson.

This is something I really missed about Tokyo. While others, I didn't.

And there is always time for the selfie before going out into the world.
Look at the fantastic light! And it doesn't have any filters.
After breakfast and selfie time we went out to Odaiba because of Comiket!
The picture totally looks like I photoshopped myself in lol.
The last time I was at Comiket was 2006, so that was a while back. But it was fun, although we didn't find the friends we wanted to meet. So on our own, Bibi and I tried to find something. Anything. Free. Hetalia. We didn't get the system of how the doujinshis were sorted. My guess was series, then pairing? But were which pairing or series was, was a problem which we didn't solve.
I did find Free doujinshis for my friends and I bought them 5.
that was one of the five :)

But I didn't find any Hetalia doujinshi for me. But at the international help-desk (!!!! English speaking staff!!!) they told me, that I was one day early and the Hetalia doujinshi will sell tomorrow. Meh. But I did find two Haruka/Michiru R18 yuri doujinshis I just had to buy. yisss.
the left one looks absolutely innocent and the right one...doesn't ;D
 At least we had a good time there and the entrance was free. Obligatory selfies of the day with Bibi!

And there were so many people there! Coming from a capital city with only 1.8 Million inhabitant it felt so stuffed. But I get this feeling all the time in Asia. Last time in Seoul, I also felt overwhelmed with the sheer impossible number of people.
We ate lunch infront of the Big sight building (Lawson food again).
 Being in Odaiba already, we decided to go to the nearest shopping mall, the Venus Mall. I still remember it from my first visit in Odaiba and Comiket in 2006.
On our way to the mall, we found a cosplayer nest. It reminded me of Animagic, were people also sit at the river all day long. 

So then at the Venus mall something terrible happened...
Right at the entrance, there was a 100yen shop. *inserts dramatic music* All in all, I bought 41 articles, including cute bento stuff, plates, rice bowls, hair clips, and more.

Bibi found a pet store with super cute dog clothes and a huge strawberry to sit on. There was also an animate but I could absolutely not find any Hetalia stuff nor anything from Cross Ange (my newest fave). So sad.
For dinner Bibi had pancakes and I had katsu-don. 
We went home early because we were still tired from not sleeping in the plane. My feet were already killing themselves and my back hurts. But it was a successful day. Shopping and kinda sightseeing.

Auris Lothol

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