Travel diary - tokyo 27.12.14-08.01.15

December 30, 2014

Hello lovelies,

I am currently enjoying my life in Tokyo with food and shopping. The only thing I need is somebody to carry all the heavy bags. Everyday we buy so much, our backs hurt so much already at the time we arrive at the hotel, not to mention our feet from walking and shopping all day.

26th-27th of January
Bibi and I boarded the plane to Tokyo over Helsinki with Finair. They did not give us any snack flying to Helsinki, even though it was explicitly stated on my ticket reservation, and therefore I was famished when we were in Helsinki. But the prices! The food at the airport was even more expensive than in Paris. I bought a baguette for 7€. 7 fucking euros. Holy. The mineral water was 3,90€ but there was a buy one, take one sale so that was kind of okay.

Buuuuut! Helsinki has snow already!!!!

The flight to Tokyo was without any disturbances but with a 30min delay. The food was okay and there was a huge movie and series collection. I watched Guardians of the galaxy (such a bad movie), two episodes of New girl and one of Brooklyn Nine-Nine (this was hilarious, I really have to continue watching it when I come to Vienna again). I watched half of Jersey boys but got  so bored, I changed the movie to Juno, which I have already seen but I knew it would  be good and funny and it also had a nice soundtrack. But no matter in what position, Bibi and me couldn't get a wink of sleep.
This may be the reason why I didn't remember anything about buying a train ticket from Narita to Tokyo. I was in Tokyo already 3 times but I actually forgot. We somehow figured it out and got a ticket for a train which took us to Tokyo. In 90 fucking minutes. I wanted to throttle somebody.
In Tokyo we found our hotel very quickly. It is located new the Yamanote Tamachi station and is huge. Our room is on the 12th floor and we can see the Tokyo tower from our window.
The room is small and plain but it has a water boiler, cups, a TV, a bathroo with a bathtub, a fridge and a writing desk. The bed,which looked really small on the preview picture, is big enough in real life. The hotel was super expensive (about 400€ per person for 12 nights) but it really is worth it. And a cleaning lady cleans the rooms once a day so everything looks super shiny and tidy when we come back again from our shopping spree.
Sooo, our plan for the day was to rest a bit (didn't work) and then go to the Disneyshop in Shibuya to buy our tickets for Disneyland on the 4th of January. Cross your fingers so it won't rain or snow on that day!

The disneystore is small but packed and has three floors, which actually makes it big again. I bought cute little plushies there for 1.080yen together.
Afterwards Bibi and I went to Shibuya parco. I finally saw the Jesus Diamante store from the inside! yey!
 I plan to buy one of their lucky packs next year but still can't decide on one. A friend told me, that her fukubukuro (3 or 4 years ago) included a fur coat she didn't like but was worth a buttload. So let's see...
But what I did buy was a bra and matching panties, a mold form and UV resin. I was looking my ass of, trying to find some decent UV resin and the first handicraft shop I entered had it. I had to buy it.
We left Parco and went to eat dinner at the first Cafe we found. The name of the cafe was Mitsuyama and they served pasta. Although the 4 slices of randomly cooked ham on top of the tomato-chili pasta sauce was weird but edible. After stuffing ourselfs, we went to a bookshop and I really did find two magazines I wanted; the last special issure of Ageha and a ribbon stitching book (Grandmother me was excited).
And then finally this day, we tried to find the Don Quijote (DonKi) which we knew was located somewhere in the area. And we walked and searched and we were dead tired already due to our long flight but couldn't find it. So we gave up and walked to the metro station. After a few meters we found the store. PARTY!
It was huge and had a lot of floors, packed with useful and unnecessary thing.  My feet were already super dead and hurting but I still had the power to walk around the store. In the end I bought a lot of fake lashes, earrings, nailstickers and make-up. I spent about 9.300yen but could have definitely spent more.

Not sorry for spelling/grammar mistakes, I am tired from shopping and will go to bed soon :P

Auris Lothol

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  1. Oh so viel Wimpern! *_* Habe deinen blog über Bibi gefunden :3 hoff das ist ok!

    1. ich hab mich da im Don Quijote ausgetobt >D!
      klar doch ^^!