Day 10+11+12

January 27, 2015

Hello lovelies,

just a short post to end my blogging about Tokyo and because we didn't do anything special anymore.

on Day 10 we got up late and went to Harajuku because I promised a friend to go to kiddyland and buy Rillakumma stuff for her. We went there, took some purikura at Takeshita, bought stuff at Closet Child and Daiso (I LOVE DAISO) again and then just ended the day with a few cocktails at TGIF.

At Takeshita
Still at Takeshita dori
I can't remember it's name but it was fucking delicious!

Pina Coladaaaaa!

On Day 11 I met Kayoko, a friend of my mother who worked at the same company 20 year ago. She is such a nice old lady! She invited me and Bibi for Sushi and then went to a bookstore with us.
Yummy sushi with egg blocks XD

Bibi and Kayoko
She is renting out a small workspace underneath her flat to a friend's daughter, who is drawing Kuroko no basket doujinshi. She even gave me one for free. That was amazing. She then showed me her manga collection and I made strange squeaking noses when I saw her small mawaru penguindrum plushie. In the end, she gave it to me as a present. asdfghjkl so nice!!!
Happy me and my pingu (pinguin is the german word for penguin and..I have a lot of penguin plushies so pingu just stuck).

Pingu likes green tea latte
We spent so much time in the bookshop because it was so huuuuge! And in the end, I even found some books:
Two Gosu Rori, one crocheting and one tatting book. I never heard of tatting before but it looked so nice that I intent to start it!

After all the food we had, we went to meet some friends for more food! But I had to eat some delicious Okonomiyaki again!

 We had one with meat and one with cheese. But all of them were super yummy!

Day 12
Akihabara! We went to Mandarake, Don Quixote, and whatever back shops we could find.
In the end I got a make-up lucky pack from Don Quixote, stockings, strawberry and chocolate daifuku, strawberry and green tea kit kat, tea and two Takarazuka DVDs. Wuhu.

And that was the content of the lucky pack:
 3 different eyeliner and two packs of eyelashes. Not bad!

If you want to buy cheap, second hand wigs and cosplays when you are in Tokyo, we found the perfect shop!
If you stand in front of the mandarake building ( a big black building), then turn until the building is on your right side and turn right on the first intersection (which is just next to the building). Walk for 1-2 minutes until you see this:
Go up the stairs to the second floor and you are in (secondhand) cosplayland.

Well, and that was it...
the next day we went back to Austria again and don't remind me how I managed to carry this:
Plus my Liz Lisa suitcase and a handbag to the airport. I don't know. I am just happy I survived.
And not one of those big boys had over 23kg. I was super happy! Although while weighing the suitcases my heart dropped a bit, but my heaviest bag was 22,9kg, so yeeeey! Under 23kg.
For all would be shopping warriors, if you know that you shopped too much and you also know that sending all the stuff would be too expensive, get out your credit card and book another suitcase to your flight. I flew with finnair and could take one extra bag for 50€ á 23kg with me. No big deal. You just need to print the confirmation email. I knew I wouldn't make it with only one extra suitcase, so two days before flying back, I booked another suitcase to my flight. 50€, 23kg, deal. :)

Auris Lothol

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  1. I'm glad you had a lovely time on your trip! ( ^ω^ )

    The name 'Pingu' makes me think of the children's television series. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ