8th and 9th day!

January 20, 2015

Hello lovelies,

two days at once because on the 8th day we didn't do much...
We went to Ikebukuro again because we wanted to check out Closet child and the other stores on the otome road again.
I found my wish list dress from Jesus Diamante in Closet child! Oh, I was ecstatic.

After Ikebukuro we went to meet my aunt who lives in a huge flat (no kidding) near Yoyogi Uehara and she gave me my dreamV order which was shipped in a huge box. All the pumps fit me perfectly (size M), while the boots are too big for me (got them in 23.5 just to be sure..meh..). The coat was lovely and I wore it on the next day at Disneyland. I also got a navy dress with a kind of lace bolero sewn on.


Day 9

We arrived at half past 9 but there were already so many people there! Unbelievable. Also, there were people already sitting and waiting for a parade which would take place at 11am. What the actual duck.
So Bibi and I went to places which didn't look as crowded...

That was at the cinderella attraction. It was really nicely made and very cute. At the end there was a kind of throne and one could take pictures on it...

Afterwards we went to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. From the outside it looked really empty but on the inside we found people going around in circles in the house. Damn. But Nevertheless, after not even 25 minutes we were sitting in a small boat.

We got hungry and went to a Cafe to eat. It serves pasta with bell pepperoni and shrimp, some salad with baked cheese and a desert. The food was totally fine and most notable about the whole stay was the nice atmosphere and design of the cafe.

Strolling around Disneyland we found out that a show would start in 10 mins so without knowing what it was, we got some seats and waited.
Oh and what a mistake that was.
It turned out to be a weird Minnie Mouse dancing show called "Minnie, oh Minnie"....


I really had to face palm all the time. That was super weird.

But after that it became even weirder when we watched the Stitch show and suddenly the decoration and the wooden pillars began to sing. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat...?
There is always selfie time...
At least at this show, they had a little computer with English subs for foreigners. (I think they also had Korean and/or Chinese). Not that the show was not easy to follow but...er...never mind.

And guess what, the Japanese people sat down again for the parade, starting in a few hours again. So weird.

Next we went to the haunted house, even though we had to wait for almost an hour.

But it was all Nightmare before Christmas themed, so how could we not?

Jaaaack! The ride was also really nice. I recognized some elements from the haunted mansion in Disneyland (the dancing ghosts in an European court room)

Coming out the parade was already coming to an end and it mus have been super long.

But we only saw the Queen and her card soldiers..

Afterwards we didn't really do anything special anymore and just wandered around the park before going home.
I loved them!
The castle was so niiiiice!

Snow white and the seven dwarfs

At Snow White's wishing well...
Something else that was very different from Disneyland Paris was the food. You could get cooked/grilled/no idea what it was, meat in a paper and eat it or popcorn in a lot of different flavours, like butter and soy sauce, or sugar, or strawberry or curry. No kidding. Also, every popcorn stall sold different plastic container (in ribbon form, alien form, candy form, you name it) and almost everybody ran around with them hanging around their necks.


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