Day 7, Shibuya 109

January 14, 2015

Hello lovelies,

on day 7 we wanted to go to Shibuya early in the morning to queue for the Liz Lisa bags. But that was redundant as we already got our stuff on the first in the shop in Harajuku.
So we slept long"er" again and left the Hotel at 10am.
There were a lot of people but not as much as I have seen on all the pictures. The only thing which bothered me a lot, not only in Shibuya 109 but also in all of the shops and tokyo, is the volume. It just increased during the sale time. People, mostly small girls with lungs like an elephant, yelled at us to buy their shop's lucky pack or other items in sale.
I am so happy we only go there to get the lucky packs from Ank rouge and Swankiss. Afterwards we went to Parco and I bought a lucky pack at Jesus Diamante. Surprisingly, Parco was much more quiet. Heavenly.

The Ank Rouge bag is super huge. My face looked dumb so I put a much cuter strawberry over it ;D!

Instead of going home and because it didn't take us long in buying the stuff, we decided to go to Ikebukuro. There was a new animate store and we also wanted to go to K-Books and Mandarake, so we did. Of course I didn't think about how stupid and hot it would be with all the stuff in a tiny store, but at that time it sounded like a good idea.

Happy to get home in the evening because all the bags were so heavy already and I way dying to know what was inside.

First the K-books:
I am still very fond of Hetalia and got some amazing Doujinshi. I especially like Austria x Germany/France/Prussia/Everybody and Dennor~

The swankiss lucky pack was 10.800Yen and a bit...weird. I only got very dark things!

From left to right: A shirt with black chiffon sleeves and a back tale, a (cheap looking)  velvet dress with rhinestones, the two white dots on top of the dress are earrings!, then next to it is a brown bag with real? fur, underneath is a black and white flower...bra? bikini top? No idea...
Then the black thing on top is a black top with chiffon roses and huuuuge chiffon sleeves, underneath is...either a skirt made out of hanging wool or a kind of poncho? I srsly don't know...

Next is Ank Rouge:
top: this is actually not a small bag but a tiny rucksack-bag. I have to enfold it to get a normal sized Rucksack. Next to it is the fukubukuro bag, then a white shirt with frills on the collar.
in the middle is a brown turtle-neck pullover and a dress in rose
on the bottom is a silver pullover (SOLD), and a brown skirt.
And on the right side is a jacket with heart pockets and a sailor collar (FOR SALE or swapping in any other colour). I really, really, dislike the colour.

Last is the content of the Jesus Diamante Lucky Pack for 32.400 (including tax).
A black dress with a bow at the back and "Schösschen" (sorry I only know the German word for the frills starting from the hip). Next to it is a pink dress with cards and flowers and the dress on the right is also pastel pink with black lace.
They also had a Lucky Pack for 50.000 (plus tax) but no cheaper ones. So maybe they sold out already?

Yesterday was definitely the peak of our shopping trip and nothing will beat it...But the next blog entry will be about Disneyland! yisssss.

Auris Lothol

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  1. Das Ank rouge lucky pack ist echt toll! swankiss find ich auch ein bisschen seltsam.. sonst haben die doch meistens schöne sachen ;_;